Zenji Head


Zenji is a SD Head designed to match 65cm bodies ( Switch, Luts, LittleMonica, ...)

He is Normal skin (recent Switch color)




Price :


 Normal skin : 150€


Make-up option (only 5 slots) :



!!Not the make-up in pictures below !! 

Make-up done by me, check the last picture of the page for an example.






- Head in Normal skin

- Custom make-up option (limited)

- Certificate of Authenticity

- Box



Eyes are not included 




About payment:


Through the shop :

- paypal only, layaway not available


 By email : 

- Layaway with paypal

- bank transfer (EU only)



- up to 2 installments

Order will be shipped when fully paid..




 Production time : 3/4 month from the end of pre-order

shipping worldwide

No cancellation or refund.



On pictures :

Make-up by PearlsOfDanube

Body on pictures : Switch 65cm NS

eyes 12 mm eyeco



About the head :

Wig : 8-9"

Eyes : 12mm (low dome is better)

Neck circounference : 10.5cm

Color : Match Normal skin from Switch (recent color)


Switch 65 body + Zenji head blank

Make-up option example :